August 13, 2010

so last night me ,casey, and my aunt and uncle got to go to the Royals Vs. New York Yankees baseball game! it was so much fun!
Before we left my uncle got hit my another car in a round about thingy ( this is a picture of them talking and trying to figure everything out) the end it was his fault :(
the rest are just some of the random pictures that i took......

this guy's head kept getting in the way!

ok these next two are of the field...and i wasn't even zooming in!

in the end the Royals lost by 1... darn it we all thought that they would pull it off! i really wanted to cheer for the Royals but the people behind us were TRUE yankee fans and it was kinda akward if you know what i mean :) and so i just kinda sat there and didnt get all pepped up! but yea it was AMAZING! our real seats were like 4-5 rows back but in the last inning these people walked buy and then they were like do you want to go and sit in our seats..and we were like yea why not we can try to get a ball or something :) but yea it was a BLAST! i think that it would be fun to get football tickets (college) but that is just me :)

August 6, 2010

SUMMER is coming to an gonna cry :( no really we have 9 more days of school starting tomorrow :( it is so sad! well while i am crying you can all laugh at me because you dant start for like another 2 weeks :( well i am going to go to bed :) tata for now

August 2, 2010

so the idea room is giving away this AMAZING tool....i would be in heaven if i had it :)
warning: if you look at it you will want one for yourself :)