July 30, 2010

just some pictures........

this is one of the hills by our house with the horse stable and the bales of hay

this is one of my favorites even though they are just some of our red chairs that we have on the front porch

just have to say they are very bad at acting natural....long story

this is another one of my favorites

July 26, 2010

you had a birthday shout hurray
we want to sing to you today
1 year older and wiser to
happy birthday to you!

dad i hope that you had a semi happy birthday even though i doubt that you could have with none of u helping clean up with you today but why would you want to clean on your birthday, but whatever you want to do is fine and we should have helped.....oh well i love you and hopw that you had a happy birthday :)

love samantha

song from LDS primary children's song book
YES i am mormon, LDS whatever you want to call it :)

July 20, 2010

i is in UTAH!! YAY! we are DONE with the 18 hour drive! YAY! i am so exited :) i am going to have to post some pis :)

July 13, 2010

ok so today we went to the Deanna Rose Farmstead...it was kinda fun, we got to see some goats and then we got to feed them. We fed them milk and then food....it was kinda fun :) Well while we were there we saw some people from church....well i better go and get some other things done so i'm gonna go... this is me in the big teepee....aint i perty :)

July 12, 2010

if you click on it it gets bigger..... :)
did you see my new button on the side!? well i absolutely LOVE it!
this is where i got it:

i got music on my blog FINALLY! yes now i do not have an extremely boring blog :P

July 6, 2010

wipeout was AMAZING!!
guess what is on tonight........

yea that is right.........

and guess what...............it is a couples addition!

i just LOVE to watch people wipeout.....i know it sounds mean but they are the ones that decided to go on and humiliate them selves so i have decided that i am going to watch them and have fun since that is why they did it right? so that i could laugh and so that we can sit around the TV and make fun of some of them and then cheer others on? but either way i am going to have fun laughing at peoples wipeouts and plus the couples addition is one of the best cause you get to see DOUBLE the wipeouts :) but have fun laughing with me tonight as a laugh at DOUBLE the wipeouts...maybe i will laugh DOUBLE as loud as normally......good night and big balls :)

Homemade Facials...

ok, so today i was looking up different facial ideas..and so tonight i decided that i would try them out on myself and then let all of my lil' sisters try it out later...so 1 of them was:

oatmeal+water+honey & let sit for 15 min= hard shell on the outside of your face :P
another was:
just honey and then you let sit for 15 min
and then there a bunch where you just mixed a bunch of fruits and veggies and you made a homemade facial :) my favorite was the one that i did with my cousin last summer-
strawberries+bannans+vanilla yogurt+milk & let sit for 15-20 min and then your outcome is a mushy layer of fruit on your face...it kinda tastes good....but it was LOTS of fun and you should try it sometime :) i am going to try the facial on Rebekah, and Isabelle, and Lauryn tomorrow night, well see how it goes :)

July 5, 2010

I am back from.....

Girls Camp in Missouri....
Girls Camp in Ohio....
A visit to Montana....
and A visit to Utah....

that was a breath full!