January 25, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland..... (finally)
We have had about 12 inches all together! And we have enjoyed the snow AND the snowdays IMMENSELY!

Our driveway was covered in snow...it looked so pretty. I feel like i am looking into a snow globe when i look at this picture.

One of the snowdays when the weather was really nice we went sledding. Some people were outside for hours....LITERALLY!

Then on one of the COLDEST most FRIGID days we pulled out the 4-wheeler and got pulled on the tubes... F-U-N!

January 1, 2011

me, dad and casey spent the day snowboarding on wednesday... and here are some pictures that kinda look like the day that i had.....

i kinda fell getting offof the lift countless times...i dont even want to think about how many times..

this is what i looked like when i was doing pretty good....normally it was for intervals at a time

and this is what i looked like when i wasn't doing so great....

* i did NOT take these pictures *