November 26, 2010

did you ever hear about how i dont have a phone.....anymore? yes i did USED to have one.....well what happened to it? i left it at school on accident and it got stolen or lost where nobody can find it! so my mother said that i have to buy a go phone and she will take the go phone and then i get the nice phone from the AT and T store since she NEVER uses her phone! so continuing on... i was looking at phones and i found the one that i want!! and plus i think that it is free too!!! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!! here it is:
Sorry that i could not get the pictures to go underneath the is really bothering me so i am going to fix it later.....
My Thanksgiving Break So Far :


3:30 - Get home from school and pack for our trip to TX (Texas)

5:45 - All packed up and loaded in the car

5:45 - Rebekah throws up in the front yard

6:00 - Heading down the drive way

7:00 - Porter starts crying and saying that his tummy hurts

7:30 - Porter throws up (in a bucket) so we pull off at the Mc Donalds Exit

7:45 - Dad has gone and cleaned out the bowl, Porter is saying that he feels better

8:00 - We are debating weather we go on or turn around

8:35 - We turn back around to go home and spend Thanksgiving with Jeanie and Kasey

10:15 - We finally get home.......

that was the longest trip that i have ever taken where we got absolutely NOWHERE!


8:35 - WAKE UP!!!

9:00 - Go outside and help the family split and stack wook for our firepalce

2:35 - Go indide for good to get warm by the fire and eat lunch

3:25 - Mom and Dad go in to get Dad's car from the shop.....(somebody bit his tire and gave him a flat!?)

5:00 - Mom and Dad get home with pizza and subs

5:27 - Start the movie -- (Karate Kid--NEW)

8:00 - Movie ends!

8:25 - Go to BED!


8:25 - WAKE UP!

9:00 - Help mom pick out CHRISTMAS presents for kiddos

11:00 - Give Victoria a bath

12:45- Leave our house for THANKSGIVING DINNER/LUNCH

4:00 - Leave to go see DESPICABLE ME!

5:00 - Movie STARTS!

7:45 - Movie gets out

8:25 - Get home

8:45 - Get to bed


7:25 - WAKE UP!!!

8:00 - Help mom look at some BLACK FRIDAY "stuff"

9:00 - Leave to go shopping

Stores that we went to:




Old Navy


Gymboree Outlet


Another JCPenny

American Girl Doll

Mc Donalds

Good Will

Another Thrift Store


5:15 - Got home from shopping

5:25 - Left to go babysitting for Jeanie and Kasey

10:00 - I am typing this sentance and it is really 10:00 EXACT!! cool beans!!

November 25, 2010

It is thanksgiving day!!! happy thanksgiving everyone!! i will have to post some of the pics that i took later.... i know this is a really short post but i am gonna go and sneak a piece of pie and icecream before it is all gone!! hope that you enjoy your piece of pie as much as i enjoy mine!! cuz i am gonnna LOVE mine!!!

November 13, 2010

I write this post in memory of my beloved dog Cash who passed away yesterday because of cancer. He was old which didn't help but he also had cancer everywhere in his body...LITERALLY. we miss you Cash...

November 10, 2010

ok so i figured out that i can get on my email at school (they dont block it) so this is what i wrote during this prepared......very....VERY....RANDOM!!

sitting here is computer calsss.......
working on my assignment.....
kinda bored out of my mind.......
nom nom nom nom nom nom nom......
silly goose......
i am not a goose i am a pretty pink sparkly unicorn......
nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.......
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum...........
you are jelous of my cheesecake :)
it is pretty yummmy......
those are yummmy too :)
im gonna eat you!
rawr! a-t-t-a-c-k
if you couldnt tell i am really bored in this class