November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving Break So Far :


3:30 - Get home from school and pack for our trip to TX (Texas)

5:45 - All packed up and loaded in the car

5:45 - Rebekah throws up in the front yard

6:00 - Heading down the drive way

7:00 - Porter starts crying and saying that his tummy hurts

7:30 - Porter throws up (in a bucket) so we pull off at the Mc Donalds Exit

7:45 - Dad has gone and cleaned out the bowl, Porter is saying that he feels better

8:00 - We are debating weather we go on or turn around

8:35 - We turn back around to go home and spend Thanksgiving with Jeanie and Kasey

10:15 - We finally get home.......

that was the longest trip that i have ever taken where we got absolutely NOWHERE!


8:35 - WAKE UP!!!

9:00 - Go outside and help the family split and stack wook for our firepalce

2:35 - Go indide for good to get warm by the fire and eat lunch

3:25 - Mom and Dad go in to get Dad's car from the shop.....(somebody bit his tire and gave him a flat!?)

5:00 - Mom and Dad get home with pizza and subs

5:27 - Start the movie -- (Karate Kid--NEW)

8:00 - Movie ends!

8:25 - Go to BED!


8:25 - WAKE UP!

9:00 - Help mom pick out CHRISTMAS presents for kiddos

11:00 - Give Victoria a bath

12:45- Leave our house for THANKSGIVING DINNER/LUNCH

4:00 - Leave to go see DESPICABLE ME!

5:00 - Movie STARTS!

7:45 - Movie gets out

8:25 - Get home

8:45 - Get to bed


7:25 - WAKE UP!!!

8:00 - Help mom look at some BLACK FRIDAY "stuff"

9:00 - Leave to go shopping

Stores that we went to:




Old Navy


Gymboree Outlet


Another JCPenny

American Girl Doll

Mc Donalds

Good Will

Another Thrift Store


5:15 - Got home from shopping

5:25 - Left to go babysitting for Jeanie and Kasey

10:00 - I am typing this sentance and it is really 10:00 EXACT!! cool beans!!


Taylar said...

Haha :) Eventful Sam.. ahaha.

Samantha said...

Are you saying that you had an even more eventful 4 day weekend than i did? well that is ABSURD!