July 6, 2010

Homemade Facials...

ok, so today i was looking up different facial ideas..and so tonight i decided that i would try them out on myself and then let all of my lil' sisters try it out later...so 1 of them was:

oatmeal+water+honey & let sit for 15 min= hard shell on the outside of your face :P
another was:
just honey and then you let sit for 15 min
and then there a bunch where you just mixed a bunch of fruits and veggies and you made a homemade facial :) my favorite was the one that i did with my cousin last summer-
strawberries+bannans+vanilla yogurt+milk & let sit for 15-20 min and then your outcome is a mushy layer of fruit on your face...it kinda tastes good....but it was LOTS of fun and you should try it sometime :) i am going to try the facial on Rebekah, and Isabelle, and Lauryn tomorrow night, well see how it goes :)

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