March 5, 2011

dear mother nature,
i am so tired of seeing the boring, ugly, leafless trees outside. i really want it for be warm outside. i also want pretty leaves to start growing on the trees, and for the flowers to start blooming. in general any green would be GREAT! some temperatures higher than 40 would also be AMAZING! and i love a slight BREEZE, not WINDS. another thing that i would love is if it could rain. i love a nice spring shower! the guidelines: lighting and thunder are KEY ingredients, it also has to smell like it has rained. one more thing, if you wouldn't mind make it so that i could open my window after school so i could get a nice BREEZE throughout my room that would make my day! thanks for under standing my concerns.
loves samantha

dear efy and youth conference people,
why do you have to schedule BOTH efy and youth conference the SAME week? i think this is crazy. do you know how many kids want to go to BOTH? do you know how many kids you are telling that they can only go to one or the other. did you know that you are telling kids that they need to choose between one church camp or another church camp? do you know that you are making me cry? did you know that i am not very happy because me and my friend wanted to go to both and now we cannot because they are the same week? why do this to me.....
loves samantha

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